Penggunaan Virgin Coconat Oil (VCO) Pada Kepala Terhadap Suhu Tubuh Bayi


The Effect Of Use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)  On The Head To Temperature Of Babies  In Perinatology Ward In BRSU Tabanan.

Ni Made Ananda Asdi Lestari¹, I Wayan Sukawana², Kiki Rizki F.A.³

Body temperature is defined as one of the vital signs that describe the health status of individuals. On the baby’s body temperature regulation is not perfect, infant resulted experiencing hypothermia. Some of the action are taken to prevent heat loss in premature infants, including use  virgin coconat oil (VCO)  on the head of baby in Perinatology ward BRSU Tabanan.

Research design used the approach Quasy – exsperiment with time series ppre-post design without control group. The sampling technique used consecutive sampling nonprobability sampling which sample of 7 respondents. Data was collected through observation of implementation using VCO and  the body temperature measured by digital termometer.

The result showed before given VCO all of samples (100%) as hypothermia and after given VCO all of sample has normal temperature.  Paired t test result  p=0,000 (p<0,05) and value of  t 14,951 then Ho rejected.  Concluded there was a the average difference before and after administration of VCO on the baby’s head in Perinatology ward in BRSU Tabanan.

Based of the result the are imfortant for nurses to provide information abaout the importance of treatment of the baby’s body temperature by using a VCO, so that the parents can do it independently.

Key word : Body temperature, Baby, VCO


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